A list is provided of the 53 Tipulidae species known from Macaronesia (16), Northwest Africa (38) and Egypt (1). No species are known from Libya. Some synonyms and some species erroneously recorded from the region are discussed. A description is given of Tipula (Yamatotipula) lateralis barbarensis subsp. nov., T. (Yamatotipula) montium afriberia subsp. nov. and T. (Acutipula) rifensis spec. nov. A redescription is given of T. (Savtshenkia) atlas Pierre. The following results about zoogeography are presented: The present tipulid fauna of North Africa is of Palaearctic origin and has no elements originating from the Afrotropical Region. The immigration route for probably all Tipulidae from Europe to Northwest Africa lies over the Strait of Gibraltar and not over the Sicilian Channel. The Macaronesian fauna on the average is of an older origin than that of Northwest Africa.