One of the more recent acquisitions of the Artis-Bibliotheek is an interesting edition of Buffon’s Histoire Naturelle. It is a copy of the edition by Pieter de Hondt in the Hague in 1750 (GENET-VARCIN et ROGER, 1954, nr. 148; NISSEN, 1966, nr. 677; TUIJN, 1967, Note II, nr. 1). As far as I have been able to ascertain, no copy of this edition has thusfar been in the possession of any dutch public library. Our copy, with book-plates of Grandjean d’Alteville (ROLLAND, 1954, p. 144) and André Gaultry, is composed of 3 volumes 4° bound together in leather. In connection with my supposition (l.c.) that no further volumes of this edition would have been published and that Schneider possibly would have taken over, now the opportunity offers itself to compare the de Hondt and Schneider editions and to look for differences between these editions and the original Paris edition, the first three volumes whereof appeared in 1749.