The bat fauna of the Adriatic islands is very poorly known in comparison with that of the coastal continental regions (Kolombatović, 1882, 1884; Dulić, 1959). Although ten species of bats are recorded, the data for most of the islands except the island of Lastovo (Dulić, 1968) are scarce, and of an early date. During the years 1966—1970, mostly in the summer (July, August), we investigated the bat fauna of some Adriatic islands, particularly of the southern ones. During 17 trips, each of 5 to 10 days, to 8 islands, 200 bats were collected and several hundreds were examined (caught in mist nets or taken in caves). The investigated area is shown in fig. 1, the distribution of the bats in table I. Bibliographical data included, 16 species of bats from the Adriatic islands (north, middle, and south) are known now.