A list of species that are, or probably have to be, assigned to the genus Tanycypris is given. A redescription is given of T. meridana (Furtos, 1936), a species originally described as Herpetocypris, from Yucatan (Mexico). This species was also found in Puerto Rico, two of the Lesser Antilles and two islands off the Venezuelan coast. The species is compared with other species of Tanycypris, with species of the subgenus Acanthocypris of Strandesia s.l., as defined by Broodbakker (1983), and especially with Strandesia venezolana Broodbakker, 1983, which seems to be intermediate between Tanycypris and Acanthocypris. Furthermore, a supplementary diagnosis of the genus Tanycypris is given. Tanycypris appears to be a widespread tropical genus, represented by few species with an extensive distribution.