Since F. Azpeitia Moros, in 1927 (Revista Acad. Cienc. Madrid, Vol. 23, 1927, p. 511—530), published his account of the specimens of Conus gloriamaris in public and private collections and in literature, many new and interesting details on the adventures of various individuals have come to my knowledge. This has led me to make systematic inquiries in the shell collections all over the world and, finally, to compile the following new survey of the representatives of this distinguished species. In spite of many efforts various particulars could not be found out; hence the author is well aware that the revision is not a final one. She hopes, however, that this contribution may serve to draw the attention of systematists and cabinet owners to this idol of conchology, persuading them to publish such items as are insufficiently checked here. The author is most grateful to all the friends and colleagues, officials of public museums and private collectors, who have so kindly supplied the necessary information.