The present short paper forms a continuation of my partial revision of certain species of the genus Bactra (Zool. Verhand., no. 29, 1956). It is chiefly based on a revision of the entire material of Bactra in the collection of the well-known specialist of Microlepidoptera, Dr. H. G. AMSEL, Karlsruhe, Germany; along with the new material of the genus from Irak, and that from Afghanistan, of the German Afghanistan Expedition 1956, collected by Dr. AMSEL himself and entrusted to me for identification. Besides, interesting material was received from Mr. TOSHIIO OKU, Sapporo, Japan, and from some other sources. The author gratefully acknowledges the kind help of the senders, and their permission to retain certain duplicates for the collection of the Leiden Museum. Since the publication of my above mentioned paper a few errors were detected and some alterations became necessary. They will be found below, together with descriptions of five new species and one subspecies, and records or notes on some 15 already known species, with five new synonyms.