Analysis of geographical distribution and comparative morphology in Vipera ursinii from Romania leads to the following results: 1. The population from Fînaţele Clujului, which does not exist anymore, belonged to the subspecies V. ursinii rakosiensis. 2. Populations from Moldavia show a mixture of features of V. ursinii rakosiensis and V. ursinii renardi, representing a secondary area of intergression. 3. Populations from the Danube Delta are also in some ways intermediate between V. ursinii rakosiensis and V. ursinii renardi. They present some particular features too. But it would be unwise to describe a separate geographical race from this area. It is better to wait for more material and to ascribe provisionally the Danube Delta to the area of the oriental subspecies V. ursinii renardi.

Bijdragen tot de dierkunde

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Vancea, S., Saint Girons, H., Fuhn, I. E., & Stugren, B. (1985). Systématique et répartition de Vipera ursinii (Bonaparte, 1835) (Reptilia, Viperidae), en Roumanie. Bijdragen tot de dierkunde, 55(2), 233–241.