We present below listings of mycotic infections occurring in vertebrates at the Chicago Zoological Park from September, 1954 to December, 1962. Most of the identifications were made by Dr. Tilden and Mrs. Getty from cultures of the fungi involved. Except for a few cases noted among the mammals, the findings were made from necropsy material. It is interesting to note the wide variety and numbers of birds with mycotic infections in contrast to the few findings in mammals and reptiles. Our interest in mycotic infections during this period led to the publication of the eight articles listed at the end of this paper, and the reader is referred to these for additional information on some of the cases. These studies have included research on the endotoxins of Aspergillus flavus and fumigatus, the description of a new species of Microsporum, and case reports of mycoses in animals that were previously unrecorded.

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Williamson, W. M., Tilden, E. B., & Getty, R. E. (1963). Mycotic Infections occurring during an eight Year Period at the Chicago Zoological Park, Brookfield, Illinois. Bijdragen tot de dierkunde, 33(1), 83–85.