Metacirolana agaricicola Kensley, 1984 from the Caribbean Sea of Colombia is redescribed, with particular reference to its sexual dimorphism. Metacirolana agujae n. sp., known only from Colombia, is decribed. The interspecific affinities of both species are discussed and notes on their habits are given.

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Keywords Colombia, Caribbean Sea, Metacirolana agujae n. sp., Metacirolana agaricicola, taxonomy
Journal Bijdragen tot de dierkunde

Released under the CC-BY 4.0 ("Attribution") License

Müller, Hans-Georg. (1991). Description of Metacirolana agujae n. sp., and redescription of M. agaricicola Kensley, 1984, from the Caribbean Sea of Colombia (Isopoda: Cirolanidae). Bijdragen tot de dierkunde, 61(1), 17–30.