The viridis group is proposed for a supposedly monophyletic group of seven New Guinean species of the cicada genus Baeturia Stål, 1866. Three species (B. brongersmai Blöte, B. rufula Blöte, and B. viridis Blöte) are redescribed and four species (B. furcillata, B. karkarensis, B. lorentzi, and B. turgida) are described as new to science. A key to the males is provided. The phylogenetic position of the viridis group within the genus Baeturia is discussed. The distribution of shared characters suggests a subdivision of the group into two subgroups. One subgroup is restricted to southern and western Irian Jaya, while the other is distributed along the coastal mountain ranges of northern New Guinea, including Karkar Island.

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Bijdragen tot de dierkunde

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de Boer, A. J. (1992). The taxonomy and biogeography of the viridis group of the genus Baeturia Stål, 1866 (Homoptera, Tibicinidae). Bijdragen tot de dierkunde, 61(3), 163–183.