In a well on the island of Guadeloupe (West Indies) a new subspecies of Thermocyclops was found, belonging to the schmeili group. It is closely related to Thermocyclops hastatus Kiefer, 1952 (described as Th. schmeili hastatus), but because of some morphological peculiarities the population is designated as Thermocyclops hastatus antillensis n. ssp. In addition the fact is considered that all hitherto known species and subspecies of the schmeili group are found in the Tropics of the Old World (Africa, Zanzibar, Madagascar and India). A key is provided of Thermocyclops, mainly based on the literature.

Bijdragen tot de dierkunde

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Herbst, H.-V. (1986). Amsterdam Expeditions to the West Indian Islands, Report 49. Beschreibung des Thermocyclops Hastatus antillensis n. ssp. mit einem Bestimmungsschlüssel für die Gattung Thermocyclops Kiefer, 1927. Bijdragen tot de dierkunde, 56(1), 165–180.