Recently the scientific correspondence of the Dutch zoologist P.P.C. Hoek (1851—1914) turned up in the Artis Library. This collection contains three hitherto unpublished letters from Charles Darwin. It appears that Charles Darwin recommended Hoek to the favour of Sir Charles Wyville Thomson upon Hoek’s request for duplicates of Pycnogonida collected by the Challenger Expedition. This led to Hoek’s participation in the publication of the scientific results of the Challenger Expedition. Hoek’s report on the Pycnogonida was published in 1881 and those on the Cirripedia in 1883 (Systematic Part) and 1884 (Anatomical Part). In a letter to Hoek dated November 23, 1881 Charles Darwin praises Hoek’s contribution on the Pycnogonida as a magnificent piece of work with admirable plates.

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Pieters, F. F. J. M., & Winthagen, D. (1990). Discovery of scientific correspondence of P.P.C. Hoek (1851—1914), including three unpublished letters by Charles Darwin. Bijdragen tot de dierkunde, 60(3/4), 239–247.