Rhadinopyga n. gen. is erected for Diceropyga recedens (Walker) from Salawati, D. impar (Walker) and D. acuminata Duffels, both from Waigeo, and Rhadinopyga epiplatys n. sp. from the “Vogelkop” area (= Tjendrawasih) of New Guinea and the islands of Misoöl and Batjan. Phylogenetic analysis suggests a sister-group relationship of Rhadinopyga n. gen. and Diceropyga Stål. The endemism of Rhadinopyga in the “Vogelkop” area is discussed in connection with the geological history of the area and the historical biogeography of the subtribe Cosmopsaltriaria.

Bijdragen tot de dierkunde

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Duffels, J. P. (1985). Rhadinopyga n. gen. from the “Vogelkop” of New Guinea and adjacent islands, a new genus of the subtribe Cosmopsalrtiaria (Homoptera, Cicadoidea: Cicadidae). Bijdragen tot de dierkunde, 55(2), 275–279.