The South American callichthyid catfish genus Aspidoras R. von Ihering, 1907, is redefined on the basis of thirteen nominal species. Morphological differences with the related genus Corydoras Lacépède, 1803, are discussed. Two species originally described in Corydoras, viz., Corydoras raimundi and Corydoras pauciradiatus are herein transferred to Aspidoras. Aspidoras now consists of the following previously described nominal species: (1) Aspidoras rochai R. von Ihering, 1907 (type-species of the genus), known from Brazil, Est. Ceará, Fortaleza, (2) Aspidoras raimundi (Steindachner, 1907) from Brazil, Est. Maranhão, Rio Parnaíba system, (3) Aspidoras lakoi P. de Miranda Ribeiro, 1949, from Brazil, Est. Minas Gerais, Rio Paranaíba system, and (4) Aspidoras pauciradiatus (Weitzman & Nijssen, 1970) from Brazil, Est. Goiás, Rio Araguaia system. Nine new species from Brazil are described herein: (1) Aspidoras albater from Est. Goiás, Rio Tocantinzinha, (2) Aspidoras brunneus from Est. Mato Grosso, Serra do Roncador, (3) Aspidoras carvalhoi from Est. Ceará, Guaramiranga, (4) Aspidoras eurycephalus from Est. Goiás, Córego Vermelho, (5) Aspidoras fuscoguttatus from Est. Mato Grosso, Córrego Corguinho, (6) Aspidoras maculosus from Est. Bahia, Rio Itapicurú system, (7) Aspidoras menezesi from Est. Ceará, Rio Salgado system, (8) Aspidoras poecilus from Est. Mato Grosso, upper Rio Xingu, and from Est. Goiás, Rio Araguaia, and (9) Aspidoras spilotus from Est. Ceará, a tributary of Rio Acaráu, and from Cachoeira do Gusmão. In addition to these nominal species some material is described and figured under the provisional designation of Aspidoras sp. aff. poecilus. These specimens may represent another species, but are not formally named.

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Nijssen, H., & Isbrücker, I. (1976). The South American Plated Catfish genus Aspidoras R. von Ihering, 1907, with descriptions of nine new species from Brazil (Pisces, Siluriformes, Callichthyidae). Bijdragen tot de dierkunde, 46(1), 107–131.