This paper is the first of a series dealing with the systematics of harpacticoid copepods collected during the West Indian Expeditions of the University of Amsterdam. In the present paper a new species, Scottolana antillensis n. sp., is described. Furthermore, Ellucana secunda Coull, 1971, is compared with E. longicauda Sewell, 1940, and morphological details are given for Longipedia spec.

Bijdragen tot de dierkunde

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Fiers, F. (1984). Amsterdam Expeditions to the West Indian Islands, Report 42. Harpacticoid copepods from the West Indian Islands: Canuellidae and Longipediidae (Copepoda, Harpacticoida). Bijdragen tot de dierkunde, 54(2), 197–210.