I am greatly obliged to the members of the Commission of the Royal Zoological Society of Amsterdam, which was appointed to report upon the results of the dredgings by the »Willem Barents«, for placing the collection of Comatulae in my hands; and I am more particularly indebted to Dr. C. Kerbert, the Secretary of the Commission, both for the information which he has afforded me respecting it, and for the efforts which he has made to ensure my having the opportunity of examining all the individuals obtained. This has been a matter of some importance to me, as I have found to be especially the case in differentiating Antedon quadrata from young and immature individuals of Antedon Eschrichti. These two species were the only ones obtained in 1880. The former (A. quadrata) was never met with in 1881; but the dredging near Vardö in this year (Station 6) brought up two small individuals of A. dentata (A. Sarsii, auct.) together with a single specimen of a new and very remarkable form which I propose to call Antedon Barentsi.