This collection of Nemerteans is the largest one, known from these regions. It contains only littoral species, most of them being entirely new to science. Only one species is known from other tropical regions, all others seem to be characteristic of the westindian coasts. They are: Ordo HOPLONEMERTINI: Polyschista curaçaoensis n. g. n. sp. Ordo PALAEONEMERTINI: Carinoma caraïbica n. sp. Ordo HETERONEMERTINI: Baseodiscus curtus (Hubr.). „ unicolor n. sp. Micrura leucopsis Coe. „ vanderhorsti n. sp. „ curaçaoensis n. sp. ?Cerebratulus ater (Girard). Diplopleura curaçaoensis n. sp. and two Lineidae, that are incomplete and too much damaged to be identified at all.