Neocyclops (Protoneocyclops) ferrarii sp. n. is described from Candy’s Pond, Twin Cays, Belize. It is morphologically closest to N. (P.) wellsi Petkovski, 1986 from Mozambique and N. (P.) herbsti Petkovski, 1986 from the Red Sea. Pediger 1 in Neocyclops is distinct although reduced and often concealed beneath the cephalic shield. Specimens of Neocyclops (N.) vicinus and N. (N.) medius showed the same condition, warranting the supposition that the free pediger 1 is a consistent feature of the genus. The genital double somite bears a transverse cuticular thickening which apparently supports the seminal receptacle. The importance of the integumental pore patterns of the urosome and legs as useful taxonomic characters is pointed out.

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Falavigna da Rocha, C. E. (1995). Neocyclops (Protoneocyclops) ferrarii, a new species of cyclopid (Copepoda: Cyclopoida) from Belize, with remarks on the morphology of the genus Neocyclops. Contributions to Zoology, 65(1), 41–51.