Redescription of Australiosoma clavigerum (Verhoeff, 1928) based on topotypical material. Descriptions of two new species of the genus Cladethosoma Chamberlin, 1920: C. gladiator nov. spec., characterized particularly by a daggerlike femoral process of the gonopods, and C. inflatum nov. spec, in which the femoral process of the gonopods is quite strongly developed and transversely inflated. A new genus, Dicladosomella, is proposed for D. segmentata nov. spec.; it belongs to the group of Australiosomatini in which the telopodite of the gonopods is deeply split into two main branches, tibiotarsus and solenomerite, and is distinguished in particular by the solenomerite having a secondary branch in which the spermal channel makes a loop.