Nine species of gammaridean amphipods, belonging to the family Isaeidae, are fully described and figured. Eight of these were collected from typical marine locations on the East and West coast of South India and one, namely Photis digitata K. H. Barnard, 1935, was obtained from a brackish water lake on the West coast of peninsular India between 9°7' and 9°16' N and 76°20' and 76°28' E. Five of the species described are already known from the Indian coasts; one species, Eurystheus digitatus Schellenberg, 1938, is a new record for the region; two others (Microprotopus bicuspidatus and Eurystheus anomalus) are new to science. Until more materials become available, the last species included in this report is provisionally assigned to the genus Megamphopus Norman and is described without a specific name.