Though small in point of numbers this collection, secured by Dr. VAN DER HORST, has proven intensely interesting, and I am exceedingly indebted to him for his kindness in permitting me to report upon it. Though not all the species recorded by Dr. MARY J. RATHBUN from Curaçao (in Rapport betreffende een voorloopig onderzoek naar den toestand van de Visscherij en de Industrie van Zeeproducten in de Kolonie Curaçao, uitgebracht door Prof. Dr. J. BOEKE, pt. 2, 1919 (1920)), forty one (+ 1?) species exclusive of Crangonids (Alpheids) of which there were eighteen (+ 2?) were collected. Eight are apparently undescribed forms. These are: Penaeopsis smithi, Synalpheus curaçaoensis, Hippolyte curaçaoensis, Periclimenes rathbunae, Petrolisthes vanderhorsti, Pisosoma curaçaoensis, Axianassa intermedia, and Gonodactylus oerstedii var. curaçaoensis. No attempt has been made to give more than the most pertinent and recent references under the various species. The accompanying photographs have been generously donated by Mr. CLARENCE R. SHOEMAKER, of the United States National Museum, who was kind enough to take them for me; the retouching was done by Miss LUDWICKA WIESER. The drawings, for the greater part, were made with the aid of the Edinger drawing apparatus.