The present review of the Asiatic freshwater puffers of the genus Tetraodon was thought necessary because the only preceding review (Le Danois, 1959) disregards some major taxonomic rules and methods. The material studied originates from existing museum collections and comprises type material of most of the species concerned. The concept of the genus Tetraodon is adapted after Fraser- Brunner (1943) with exclusion of T. (Chelonodon) patoca, which is not considered. Marion de Procé, 1822) are designated, and one lectotype One new subspecies ( T. fluviatilis sabahensis) is described, one new name ( T. steindachneri) is introduced, two neotypes (T. fluviatilis fluviatilis Hamilton, 1822 and T. nigroviridis (T. lorteti Tirant, 1885) is selected. For the sake of convenience in discussing the taxonomic value of the characters used the species are grouped in five species-groups: cutcutia-group (T. cutcutia Hamilton, 1822, T. lorteti Tirant, 1885, T. travancorius Hora & Nair, 1941) leiurus-group (T. palembangensis Bleeker, 1852, T. leiurus Bleeker, 1851, T. fangi Pellegrin & Chevey, 1940) erythrotaenia-group (T. erythrotaenia Bleeker, 1853) fluviatilis-group (T. kretamensis Inger, 1953, T. nigroviridis Marion de Procé, 1822, T. fluviatilis fluviatilis Hamilton, 1822, T. fluviatilis sabahensis nov. subsp., T. steindachneri nom. nov.) waandersii-group (T. waandersii Bleeker, 1853).