Setting in order the literary inheritance of late prof. A. A. W. Hubrecht I found some interesting notes upon two series of seetions through young uterine swellings of Chrysochloris probably made bij Mr. Arthur Willey of Montreal. These notes directed my attention to the placentation of this insectivore. Therefore as prof. Max Weber asked my collaboration to the memorial number of „Bijdragen tot de Dierkunde” for Dr. Kerbert’s seventieth anniversary, I resolved, after cutting some more series of slightly older stage, to investigate this subject in order to come to some provisional conclusions. The Embryological Institute at Utrecht disposes of some ten uteri of Chrysochloris, five or six of which are pregnant, while the remaining are in virginal or puerperal conditions. The diameter of the swellings ranges from 5 to 18 mM. Chrysochloris possesses a pronounced uterus duplex and in all pregnant objects there is a uterine-swelling on both sides.