From June till December 1987 an inventory of the excavating sponges of the Santa Marta area, Colombian Caribbean, was made by scuba diving to depths not exceeding 18 m. Sixteen species were recorded and compared morphologically, using spicule sizes, papillae shapes, and excavation characteristics. Four littleknown species are fully described and illustrated by submarine color photographs in situ. One appears to be a new species: Axinyssa flavolivescens, belonging to a genus not known to excavate so far. The other three species could not be identified with certainty: Aka äff. xamaycaensis, Aka aff. brevitubulata, and Cliona aff. flavifodina. A key to the excavating sponges of the area studied is provided.

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Bijdragen tot de dierkunde

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Hofman, C. C., & Kielman, M. (1992). The excavating sponges of the Santa Marta area, Colombia, with description of a new species. Bijdragen tot de dierkunde, 61(4), 205–218.