Trees, often with very thick trunks, all parts covered by stellate hairs or squamae. Leaves alternate, simple, or digitately compound. Stipules deciduous. Flowers mostly solitary, often very large. Flowers hermaphrodite, 5-merous. Calyx valvate. Epicalyx present or wanting. Petals contorted. Stamens many, or rarely 5 or 10; filaments often somewhat connate at the base or free; anthers mono-, di- or polythecal, sometimes spirally twisted. Ovary 2—5-locular. Ovules 2—many in each locule. Capsule loculicidal, often woolly on the inner side or the inner layer of the fruitwall becoming pulpy. Seeds with few or without endosperm; sometimes a fleshy aril present. Embryo large; cotyledons folded. Nearly 30 genera with 150 species in the tropics, mainly in America.