Trifurcula (Glaucolepis) lituanica Ivinskis & van Nieukerken, sp. nov., is described from adults reared from stemmining larvae on Salvia pratensis (Lamiaceae) from Lithuania and some specimens taken as adults in Austria, Slovenia and Greece. In addition the new species is recorded from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Romania. Superficially, it resembles Trifurcula (Glaucolepis) headleyella (Stainton, 1854), especially the male, but it differs by male genitalia with additional cornuti, a unique character for the subgenus, and the female genitalia differ by the larger number of convolutions in the ductus spermathecae. It is the only known Trifurcula to make its cocoon partially inside a stemmine. The synonymy of Nepticula dubiella Hauder, 1912 with T. headleyella is confirmed, but some specimens recorded under this name from Austria belong to the new species. DNA barcodes are provided and compared with related species.

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Ivinskis, P., van Nieukerken, E., & Rimsaite, J. (2012). Trifurcula (Glaucolepis) lituanica sp. nov., an unexpected new stem-miner on Salvia pratensis occurring in eastern Europe (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae). Zootaxa, 3570, 41–55.