Pectinoidea is a superfamily of marine bivalve mollusks. Type series of the two new Pectinoidea species, Parvamussium liaoi (Propeamussiidae) and Scaeochlamys squamea (Pectinidae), collected during deep-sea cruises off south and northeastern Taiwan in 2000 and 2001, respectively, were relocated from the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle, Paris, France and the National Museum of Natural Sciences, Taichung, Taiwan (NMNS) to the Mollusca collection of National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Pingtung, Taiwan (NMMBM). A catalog denoted of the original NMNS and the new registered NMMBM codes, scientific names in Chinese, and color plates of the type series are provided.

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Staff publications

Chang, C, Cheng, S, & Dijkstra, H.H. (2011). Note on the type series of Parvamussium liaoi and Scaeochlamys squamea (Bivalvia: Pectinoidea) from Taiwan. Platax, 8, 7–11.