New species: Parvamussium liaoi n. sp., Scaeochlamys squamea n. sp. New records for Taiwan: Propeamussium siratama, Parvamussium aldeynzeri, Parvamussium cristatellum, Parvamussium undisonum, Parvamussium vesiculatum, Cic/opecten fluctuatus, Delectopecten musorstomi

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Keywords Bivalvia, Propeamussiidae, Pectinidae, taxonomy, Taiwan
Journal Bulletin of Malacology, Taiwan
Dijkstra, H.H, & Maestrati, P. (2009). New bathyal species and records of Pectinoidea (Bivalvia: Propeamussiidae and Pectinidae) from Taiwan. Bulletin of Malacology, Taiwan, 33, 37–54.