Fifty-two deep-water species of Pectinoidea (37 Propeamussiidae, 1 Entoliidae, 14 Pectinidae) are listed from Norfolk Ridge (11 species), Loyalty Islands (4 species), Fiji Islands (30 species), Tonga (26 species), Solomon Islands (26 species) and the Marquesas archipelago (8 species). All species from Fiji, Tonga and the Marquesas are new records and six species of Propeamussiidae are new to science: Propeamussium boucheti (Fiji and Tonga), Parvamussium biformatum (Solomons), Parvamussium lozoueti (Fiji and Tonga), Parvamussium marquesanum (Marquesas), Parvamussium polynesianum (Marquesas) and Similipecten herosae (Tonga). Two new combinations (Hyalopecten tydemani, Talochlamys gladysiae) are introduced.

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V. Héros , R. Cowie , P. Bouchet
Publications Scientifique du Muséum, Paris
Staff publications

Dijkstra, H. H., & Maestrati, P. (2008). New species and new records of deep-water Pectinoidea (Bivalvia: Propeamussiidae, Entoliidae and Pectinidae) from the South Pacific. In V. Héros, R. Cowie, & P. Bouchet (Eds.), Tropical Deep-Sea Benthos 25 (pp. 77–113). Publications Scientifique du Muséum, Paris.