Introduction The purpose of this database is to list all the taxonomic publications on this Superfamily in Sub-Saharan Africa until the year 2000. It is also intended to give an indication of the kind of information contained in each paper. No attempt has been made to change or criticise what authors have written. Instead the intent has been to record accurately the published material. This database does not deal with higher classification, except when the terms are, for clarity, used as part of a recent revision, such as Kumar 1974 on Acanthosomidae. There are eleven groupings within the superfamily and all have been given family status. The treatment of each family varies, depending on the present level of knowledge and whether recent revisions or catalogues have been made. Recent comprehensive publications have been followed when possible. Where there is no existing sequence, genera have been placed, hopefully, in appropriate order. It is accepted that this database is already out of date, and that it most likely contains numerous errors and omissions. It is intended to provide a platform from which contemporary workers can advance. Modern Information Technology should make revision relatively easy. A collection of more than 500 originals, reprints and photocopies of the publications is in possession of the author.

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[s.n.], Malindi
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Robertson, I.A.D. (2009). The Pentatomoidea (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) of Sub-Saharan Africa : a database. [s.n.], Malindi.