Generic issues around Teleopsis are discussed: it is proposed to maintain the genera Teleopsis Rondani, 1875 s.s., Megalabops Frey, 1928 and Cyrtodiopsis Frey, 1928 s.s. Four Teleopsis Rondani species are described from the Philippines: T. cobiae spec. nov., T. freyi spec. nov., T. nitidifacies spec. nov. and T. nitidiscutum spec. nov. Five Teleopsis species from the Philippines are redescribed: T. boettcheri Frey, 1928, T. motatrix Osten Sacken, 1882, T. pharao Frey, 1928, T. selecta Osten Sacken, 1882, and T. shillitoi Tenorio, 1969. For T. boettcheri and T. motatrix lectotypes are designated and for T. pharao a neotype. Four other Teleopsis were, based on misidentifications, previously recorded for the Philippines: T. belzebuth (Bigot, 1874), T. discrepans (Walker, 1857b), T. rubicunda van der Wulp, 1897 and T. sykesii (Westwood, 1837). All nine Philippine Teleopsis are endemic. Four subgroups are recognised within the Philippine Teleopsis. For each of the nine Teleopsis, data on sexual dimorphism, as related to eye span, are presented. Besides the nine Teleopsis species, two Eurydiopsis Frey, 1928 and one Sphyracephala Say, 1828 occur in the Philippines. A key to these twelve diopsid species is included.

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Zoologische Mededelingen

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Feijen, H. (2011). The genus Teleopsis Rondani (Diptera, Diopsidae): discussion of its taxonomic position and revision of the species occurring in the Philippines. Zoologische Mededelingen, 85(1), 79–140.