This paper presents a comprehensive overview of literature on Cuban terrestrial molluscs since the 18th century. It currently cites approximately 1000 references, dealing with a) primary and secondary sources directly treating Cuban taxa or relevant for the study of the Cuban malacofauna; b) abstracts of congresses, unpublished theses, and internal reports ('grey literature'); and c) biohistorical papers dealing with the life and work of Cuban malacologists. To provide some context, we also give brief overviews of Cuban and non-Cuban authors and journals issued on the island relevant for Cuban malacology.

bibliography, biohistory, Cuba, Gastropoda, Mollusca, malacology
NNM Technical Bulletin
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Breure, A.S.H, & González Guillén, A. (2010). Bibliography of Cuban terrestrial Mollusca, including related and biohistorical papers on Cuban malacology. NNM Technical Bulletin, 12, 1–35.