Faunistic overview of the entoprocts of the Netherlands (Entoprocta) Five species of entoprocts are known to occur in the Netherlands: Pedicellina cernua, Barentsia benedeni, Barentsia gracilis, B. matsushimana and B. ramosa. Barentsia ramosa is recorded here for the second time from Europe, from the Nieuwe Waterweg, leading to the port of Rotterdam. The species was found for the first time in Europe in the Westerschelde (near Doel, Belgium), leading to the port of Antwerp. It could not be rediscovered at this locality, but may still be present. Pedicellina nutans has been recorded, but may be a synonym of Pedicellina cernua. As the validity of Pseudopedicellina mutabilis is questioned, the single record of this form from the Netherlands is treated as doubtful. Entoprocts of the solitary family Loxosomatidae are not known to occur in the Netherlands. However, until now nobody seems to have investigated polychaete worms and other invertebrates for these entoprocts.