In 1913, Edward Meyrick removed several genera from his compound family Yponomeutidae and united them in a new group, "Glyphipterygidae". After 1954, this name has been used generally, often in the emended spelling "Glyphipterigidae". The family name was not new but used by Meyrick in an entirely different sense. Former authors (Zeller, 1839; Stainton, 1854; Frey, 1856, etc.) indicated with the name "Glyphipterygidae" only one of the two main groups of Meyrick's enlarged concept, viz., the "Glyphipteryginae" or the "Glyphipterygidae sensu stricto". In spite of its existence during quite a long time, Meyrick's family " Glyphiteryginae" proved to be an unsatisfactory combination. In later years, especially recently, its highly heterogeneous character became more and more apparent and its slow but steady demolition started: one after another genus was transferred to different, often remote, families. This is not surprising, because Meyrick used for the combination of his group only superficial characters, viz., wing venation, external anatomy and even superficial resemblance. Modern lepidopterists, armed with the data on internal anatomy, especially those of the genital characters, attacked the group vigorously. During a revisionary study of the group for a volume of the series "Microlepidoptera Palaearctica", the present author was also confronted with the necessity of still further changes and of a revision of most of his earlier statements concerning this group. The present paper represents the results of one of these major changes, viz., the removal of tortricoid elements from Meyrick's "Glyphipterygidae" and their transfer to the tribe Hilarographini Diakonoff, 1977, of the subfamily Chlidanotinae Diakonoff, 1960, of the family Tortricidae Latreille [1802-1803]. This is also the first record of the peculiar chiefly tropical subfamily Chlidanotinae in the Palaearctic and Nearctic regions.

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Diakonoff, A. (1977). Rearrangement of certain Glyphipterygidae sensu Meyrick, 1913, with descriptions of new taxa (Lepidoptera). Zoologische Verhandelingen, 158(1), 3–55.