Lygosoma (Sphenomorphus) florense barbouri Dunn (Pl. VI fig. 1) Sphenomorphus florense barbouri Dunn, Amer. Mus. Nov., no. 288, 1927, p. 5, and Dunn, in: Burden, Dragon Lizards of Komodo, 1927, p. 203. 1 ♂, Noil Toko, Timor, 1937, leg. P. F. van West, Mus. Leiden, reg. no. 7033. 5 ♂ ♂, 6 ♀ ♀, Timor, leg. Müller & Macklot, Mus. Leiden, reg. no. 2535. 3 ♂ ♂, 7 ♀♀,2??, Samao, leg. Müller & Macklot, Mus. Leiden, reg. no. 2534. These specimens are provisionally referred to the subspecies barbouri, described by Dunn from Wetar .Id. The dark colour of the throat apparently is a character dependent on age; with four exceptions all specimens of a head and body length above 51 mm have black throats or at least some black spots on the throat. Of the four exceptions three specimens have a length of less than 55 mm (cf. table 1). There is no light and dark posttympanic mark as described for the Wetar specimens by Dunn. A light vertebral stripe is present in some specimens, but absent in others. It is possible that the populations on Samao and Timor represent a distinct subspecies, but a revision of the subspecies recognized by Dunn is necessary to settle wether these all can be maintained. P1. VI fig. 1 shows the coloration in life of a black-throated specimen for which Müller used the name melanopogon (Duméril & Bibron, 1839, p. 724). Two females from Timor each contained two eggs. Lygosoma (Sphenomorphus) emigrans Lidth de Jeude 1 ♂,3 ♀ ♀, cotypes, Soemba, leg. Dr. H. ten Kate, Mus. Leiden, reg. no. 4351. 1 ♂, Kambera, Soemba, III. 1925, leg. Dr. K. W. Dammerman, Zool. Mus. Amsterdam. 1 ♀, Pajeti, Soemba, leg. P. J. Lambooij, Zool. Mus. Amsterdam. 1 ♂, 1 ♀, Samao, leg. S. Müller, Mus. Leiden, reg. no. 2600.