I. Lygosoma nieuwenhuisii VAN LIDTH DE JEUDE. Mertens (1929, p. 215, note) mentioned already that the young Lygosoma from Sandakan Bay, North Borneo, which had been referred to L. smaragdinum Less. by Van Lidth de Jeude (1893, p. 252) did not belong to that species but that it was related to L. nieuwenhuisii Lidth (1905, p. 195). Comparison of this young specimen with the type of L. nieuwenhuisii proved that it belonged to this species. The description of the type must however be corrected in some minor points. This single type-specimen was collected during the Dutch Scientific Expedition in Central-Borneo 1894 ('sRijks Museum van Natuurlijke Historie, Herpet. n° 4455). The frontal is slightly shorter than the frontoparietals and interparietal together; it is in contact with three supraoculars, the suture with the left third supraocular being very small. Four supraoculars followed by a small scale which is the fifth supraocular of the descriptions by Van Lidth de Jeude and De Rooij (1915, p. 202). I do not believe that this scale can be called a supraocular; moreover other species described by De Rooij as possessing four supraoculars have this same small scale. Fourth toe with 18 (left) to 19 (right) lamellae below. The length of head and body (snout to vent) is 64 mm., that of the tail 60 mm. (7,5 mm. reproduced) and not 57 mm. and 55 mm. as stated by both Van Lidth de Jeude and De Rooij. The young specimen collected by Mr. J. Chr. Prakke near Sandakan Bay, North Borneo, may be described as follows: The earopening is very small; two very indistinct auricular lobules are present on one side while they are absent on the other. The supranasal is very small, it is wedged