Shortly after the printing of my 1954 paper on C. S. Rafinesque as a carcinologist (Holthuis, 1954, Zool. Verhand. Leiden, no. 25, pp. 1-43) had been completed, I became aware of the fact that, when preparing the above publication, I unfortunately had overlooked the existence of one more publication by Rafinesque which contains information on Crustacea. The present note deals with this 8th carcinological publication by Rafinesque, the reference to which is the following: 1818 (August). Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Vol. i. Part I. Philadelphia. 8 vo. pp. 220, and 9 plates. May to December, 1817. Amer. monthly Mag. crit. Rev., vol. 3, pp. 269-274. A (very) critical review of the publication mentioned in the title of Rafinesque's paper. Two new generic names (for Brachyura) are proposed, other Crustacean genera and species are discussed or mentioned (Notostraca, Amphipoda, Decapoda). The following Crustacean genera and species have been mentioned in this review by Rafinesque: Subclass Branchiopoda Order Notostraca Generic names. Apus Latreille (= Apus Cuvier, 1797), Phyllopus Rafinesque, 1815 (Rafinesque, 1818, p. 271). Subclass Malacostraca Order Amphipoda Generic names. Cerapus Say, 1817 (Rafinesque, 1818, pp. 271, 272), Jassa Leach, 1814 (Rafinesque, 1818, p. 272). The following remarks concerning Cerapus are made by Rafinesque : "Cerapus of Say, is a good name,