Mynes talboti spec. nov. Male. Forewing upperside: yellowish-white (XVII 25' f), 1) costa and apical part black with bluish tinge. Upper and lower discoidal nervure black till end of cell. Outer margin black, 1 mm. wide. Submarginal band from black apex till anal angle greenish black ( XLVII 33""b) about 4 mm. wide, blackened on veins 1, 2 and 3. Hindwing upperside: whitish blue-green, (XLVIII 37""b) lightest at basal part and abdominal margin. A black border from costal margin till anal angle, narrowest at vein 3 about 5 mm. wide. A thin white marginal line from vein 3 till about half way abdominal margin. Forewing underside: white, yellowish at base. A black marginal line from base via apex till anal angle, about 1 mm. wide. A curved dark brown (XLVI 13""k) band about 5 mm. wide, from cell above the lower discoidal nervure, touching the terminal margin between veins 2, 3 and 4, and bending a little inwards, ending on vein 1. In interspace 6, about 5 mm. from cell-apex an oblong whitish spot followed by a smaller oblong yellow spot. Under those, in interspace 5 a more or less prominent yellowish streak. In interspace 3 and 4 a sub-marginal orange-red (II 11. i.) more or less rectangular spot, divided by vein 4. One ♂ shows this red spot very pronounced in interspace 3 only, leaving a few red scales in interspace 4. Apex white and yellow, with black veins. Interspace 8 with a few black scales, interspace 6 about 1 mm. longer than 7 and a little triangular part in interspaces 4 and 5. Hindwing underside: brownish-black (XLVI 13""k). A trian-