In the first part of this paper the species of a few of the larger genera among Sumatran Carabidae have been tabulated, either because no Keys exist already, or because the old Keys have become obsolete. The four genera included here are Colpodes, Orthogonius, Catascopus, and Dolichoctis, but for various reasons I have not dealt with Clivina, Tachys, Chlaenius, and Perigona. Most of the species of Clivina are included in the Key to the Indian species in my first volume on the Carabidae in the "Fauna of British India" Series, 1929 (p. 353), and nearly all those under Tachys appear in the tables of my "Revision of the Oriental Species" (Ann. Mus. Civ. Gen. LI, 1925, pp. 327—502); the "Tableau Synoptique" in Chaudoir's "Monographic des Chléniens" (Ann. Mus. Civ. Gen. VIII, 1876, pp. 11—25) still holds good for the great majority of the species in the genus Chlaenius, and I have myself recently published a "Key to the Sumatran species of Perigona" (Tijdsch. v. Ent. LXXII, 1929, p. 326), which includes all but one species more recently described. After the Keys there are described in the second part of the paper one new genus and fourteen new species; a considerable number of these come from the collection of the Buitenzorg Museum, the Director of which has very kindly allowed me to retain the type specimens in my own collection, but there are new species from the Leiden, British, Brussels, Genoa, Stockholm, and Federated Malay States Museums, from the collection of the Lycée at Mulhouse, and from my own collection. Key to the Sumatran species of Colpodes. 1) 1 (34) Prothorax with two lateral setae on each side; elytra with three dorsal pores.