The primary types of 48 species of Symphyta (Hymenoptera), described by Van Achterberg & Van Aartsen (2), Benson (7), Cameron (1), Forsius (13), Koornneef (1) and Snellen van Vollenhoven (24), housed in the collections of the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie (Leiden), the Instituut voor Taxonomische Zoologie (Universiteit van Amsterdam) and the Laboratorium voor Entomologie (Landbouw Universiteit Wageningen) are listed. Lectotypes are designated for 16 species group names. The synonymy has been checked. One new combination, Gilpinia verticalis (Snellen van Vollenhoven, 1858), and two new synonymys are proposed: Gilpinia verticalis Gussakovskij, 1947 = G. catocala (Snellen van Vollenhoven, 1858) and Nematus trimaculatus Snellen van Vollenhoven, 1862 = Ν. capreae (Linnaeus, 1758). Six species group names described by Snellen van Vollenhoven are listed for which no type-specimens could be located.

Argidae, Cephidae, Diprionidae, Orussidae, Pamphiliidae, Siricidae, Tenthredinidae, Xiphydriidae, types
Zoologische Mededelingen

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Thomas, P.L.L. (1987). An annotated catalogue of Primary types of symphyta (Hymenoptera) in the Netherlands. Zoologische Mededelingen, 61(5), 61–78.