During the past year I have had the opportunity of examining several interesting collections of Scolytidae and Platypodidae from Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda, as well as most of Dr. E. Mjöberg's older collections made in Sarawak. It is more convenient to deal with new species, and notes on others, all in this one paper, rather than in several short papers. SCOLYTIDAE NEW RECORDS FROM THE IVORY COAST A large collection made by Dr. L. Brader at Adiopodoume, by means of sticky cloth traps, between September 1962 and February 1963, includes a considerable number of species that have not previously been recorded from the Ivory Coast. The following two species are of particular interest. Hypothcnemus rugifer Schedl (in press). This recently disordered species has, as far as I am aware, been known from only two short series, both from Uganda. A single specimen is included in Dr. Brader's Adiopodoume collection. Hypothcnemus obscurus (Fabricius). The first African record of this species, which is widely distributed in tropical America and the eastern United States. A specimen from this series was sent to Professor S. L. Wood, who has kindly taken the trouble to confirm my identification and has commented: "It is quite typical of specimens taken in the northern part of its range in the United States. Before the specimen arrived, I suspected it would be the variety that has spread westwards across the Pacific Ocean (Stephanoderes hivaoea Beeson), and I was rather surprised to find that it was not that form." Dr. Brader's collection contained a good series of this species,