The genus Eujacobsonia, with its type species E. mirabilis, was described by Grandi (1923, 1924) from three female specimens caught at light in Sumatra. Many more examples from the same locality, Fort de Kock ("Bukittinggi", ca. 100 km north of Padang), were recorded by Grandi in 1928. Eujacobsonia was classified by Grandi in the tribe Sycophagini (Agaoninae), which, as was recently suggested (Wiebes, 1961), should be regarded as a subfamily in the Torymidae. Joseph (1964) accommodated the genus in the nominate tribe Sycophagini, but in the same year (Wiebes, 1964) it was referred to the Otitesellini. Recent material in the collections of the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie, Leiden (RMNH) was reared by Prof. E. J. H. Corner from the receptacles of Ficus depressa Bl. in Selangor, Malaya, and Ficus annulata Bl. in North Borneo. Several light catches from Thailand, North Borneo, and the southern islands of the Philippines were sent to me for identification by the Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu (BMH), the Universitetets Zoologiske Museum, Copenhagen (material collected by the Noona Dan Expedition 1961-1962 1); ZMC), and by the United States National Museum, Washington (USNM). Thanks are due to Prof. Corner, and to Drs. C. M. Yoshimoto, B. Petersen, and B. D. Burks, for their kind help in making this material available for my study. Eujacobsonia Grandi Eujacobsonia Grandi, 1923, Ann. Mus. Stor. nat. Genova 51: 105 (descr. 9 ; monobasic, type E. mirabilis Grandi) ; Grandi, 1924, Boll. Lab. Zool. Portici 18: 23-24 (redescr. ♀ ) ; Grandi, 1963, Boll. 1st. Ent. Univ. Bologna 26: 362 (latest edition of catalogue) ; Joseph,