The present paper is based on a collection of bats from Tobago brought together by Mr. G. F. Mees. From July 1953 to March 1954 Mr. Mees stayed at the island of Trinidad, making occasional short visits to Tobago. Though his main attention was directed to the avifauna of these islands, he collected also several specimens of bats, those from Tobago being of special interest. The larger part of this material has been obtained by shooting. After collecting the specimens were immediately placed in a refrigerator and were sent in a frozen condition to the Leiden Museum, where they finally were prepared. I want to express here my sincere gratitude to Mr. Mees for his willingness to devote part of the time spent by him in the West Indies to the collecting of bats, and for his information on these specimens. All the material mentioned here is now inserted in the collection of the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie at Leiden, the reg. no. being given under the species in question. Notwithstanding the fact that the number of species as well as the number of specimens obtained by Mr. Mees at Tobago is small, in his material not less than three species occur which are not mentioned by Jones (1951, p. 224) in his paper on the Tobago bats, a paper which was based on Jones's own material and on the collection of Tobago bats in the British Museum (Natural History). Only one of the nine species reported upon by Jones was also collected by Mr. Mees, viz., Carollia perspicillata perspicillata (L.) : Grafton, N. W. Tobago, 13 February 1954, attic of a country house (one adult cf, skin and skull, reg. no. 12226; one juv. cf with milk dentition, skin and skull, reg. no. 12245; one $, skull only, reg. no. 12224).