Papilio haliphron naias Doh. 1 ♀ Soemba, Dr. K. W. DAMMERMAN leg. 1925. This specimen is remarkable by its fiery-red cellular and circumcellular spots on the hind wings. Euploea gelderi elwesi Doh. 2 ♂♂ 1 ♀ N. W. Soemba, Laora 100 M. IV/1925. As far as I know only the females have been captured. The males of this rare subspecies resemble very much those from Flores, what is not the case with the females, easily recognizable by the large transcellular whitish spots on the fore wings. Characteristic in the males are the bluish submarginal spots, of which the subapical ones are very prominent and connected together. In contradiction with the data by DOHERTY and FRUHSTORFER these specimens have been captured by Dr. K. W. DAMMERMAN on a height of 100 M. Euploea crameri karimondjawensis subsp. nov. 3 ♂ ♂ 2 ♀♀ Karimon Djawa, M. A. LIEFTINCK leg. 22—30/XI, 1930, To compare with the race from Bawean pagenstecheri Hag. Three distinct subapical white spots, one larger and two very small; a trace of a fourth spot. The costal points hardly visible in the males, distinct in the females, in which also the submarginal series of spots more developed. Euploea alcathoë floresiana subsp. nov. 2 ♂♂ Wai Sano, Flores, J. K. DE JONG leg. IX/1929. Not yet known from this island. On the upperside the males very