The following stray descriptions and records refer to species from New Guinea, Kei Island, Sumatra and Java. The material is chiefly in the collection of the British Museum (Natural History), London (BM) and also in the Leiden Museum (LM). Four genera and 11 species are discribed on the following pages. My thanks are due to Mr. Ch. Hoorn, of this museum, for his able printing of the photographs. Tortricidae: Tortricinae: Archipini Adoxophyes croesus spec. nov (pl. 1 figs. 1-4) ♂ 19-21 mm. Head light ochreous mixed with fulvous, face fulvous. Palpus light ochreous-fulvous. Antenna light ochreous. Thorax light ochreous, mixed with fulvous, a large subapical raised crest deep ferruginous. Abdomen light orange-ochreous, anal tuft very large, whitish-ochreous inside. Fore wing rather broad, truncate, costal fold extremely broad, beyond base reaching almost to middle of wing breadth, thence gradually narrowed to beyond middle of costa, costa curved anteriorly, slightly and somewhat irregularly concave beyond base, gently sinuate posteriorly, apex obtusely rectangular, termen gently concave above, rounded and prominent below, vertical, almost outwards-oblique. Pale ochreous, strewn with concolorous but brightly glossy and slightly curled scales. Markings ferruginous, with narrow, deep ferruginous edges. Basal patch reaching almost to middle, edge prominent below middle, with two acute teeth, lower of these in fold, between prominence and costal fold with a rectangular excision, two spots of ground colour on base of dorsum; space between basal patch and central fascia reduced to a series of four blotches of ground colour, costal and subcostal quadrate,