Deroceras saronicum spec. nov., probably belonging to the subgenus Deroceras s.str., is described. The species is known from the islands of Aegina and Moni (Saronic Gulf) and from the adjacent NE. Peloponnesus, Greece. It is compared with Deroceras maltzani (SIMROTH), a similar species from southern Portugal.

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Keywords Mollusca, Gastropoda, Agriolimacidae, Deroceras, spec. nov., Greece
Journal Zoologische Mededelingen

Released under the CC-BY 4.0 ("Attribution") License

Rähle, W. (1986). Deroceras saronicum spec. nov., eine neue Nacktschneckenart aus Griechenland (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Agriolimacidae). Zoologische Mededelingen, 60(9), 129–133.