As a result of my further work on the reordening of the collection of bugs in the Leiden Museum I am giving now a catalogue of the Coreidae in the Museum, which will appear in some parts, as the group is rather large. Again I was enabled to visit the British Museum (Natural History), and I will include in the present paper some remarks upon species of which types are in this Museum. Of course it was of great importance for the identification of our specimens too, that I could compare the doubtful things with the rich collection in this Museum. I am very thankful to Mr. China again for his kind assistance. Some years ago (in 1928) the Leiden Museum acquired the extensive collection of bugs of Mr. A. J. P. Fokker. This collection has to be kept separately from the main collection; in the following catalogue is indicated which specimens form a part of this collection. The general classification used in this catalogue is that of A. Handlirsch in Schroeder's „Handbuch der Entomologie", III, Jena, 1925. CORIZINAE. Harmostes apicatus Stål. 1. Corrientes, Argentina, Staudinger 1932. Harmostes brevispinus nov. spec. (fig. 1). Pronotum with a narrow, yellowish, medial keel; lateral borders irregularly and rather coarsely crenulated. The three basal segments of the venter with a distinct furrow. The third joint of the antennae distinctly longer than the second. Head with a medial, longitudinal furrow, which ends in a small impression at the base of the tylus. From this impression furrows are directed to the ocelli, and from there to the eyes and to the base of the head. Before