Notoedres pahangi spec. nov. from Rattus tiomanicus jalorensis, N. dohanyi spec. nov. fromTadarida mops, N. ismaili spec. nov. from Tadarida plicata, Ν. dewitti spec. nov. from Tadarida plicata and hitherto unknown stages of N. pseudomuris Lavoipierre, 1968 (male and larva), N. jamesoni Lavoipierre, 1964 (larva), N. musculi (Kraemer, 1865) (larva), N. alexfaini Lavoipierre, 1968 (male and larva), N. rajamanickami Lavoipierre, 1968 (larva), N. cheiromeles Fain, 1959 (larva) and N. tristis Fain & Marshall, 1977 (larva) are figured and described. A key to the East Asian species of Notoedres is given.

Zoologische Mededelingen

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Klompen, J. S. H., Lukoschus, F. S., Fain, A., & Nadchatram, M. (1983). Notes on the genus Notoedres railliet, 1893, from East Asian host (Astigmata: Sarcoptidae). Zoologische Mededelingen, 57(22), 271–299.