INTRODUCTION This paper is to be regarded as a continuation of my previous publication (Verseveldt, 1940 1)). Some three species, sufficient material of which for an anatomical examination was available, had then to remain undiscussed; they are: Semperina rubra Kö11., Anthothela macrocalyx (Nutt.) (= Suberia macrocalyx Nutting (1911) = Semperina macrocalyx (Nutt.) Kukenthal (1919)) and Sibogagorgia weberi Stiasny, which species have been examined by me in the same way as formerly the others. It has become clear to me that the second of the species mentioned cannot be considered as belonging either to the genus Suberia Studer or the genus Semperina Kö11. A close relationship with Anthothela grandiflora (M. Sors) caused me to decide on the name Anthothela macrocalyx (Nutt.) (cf. chapter II, § 8). The results of my investigations make it necessary to refer to my views previously mentioned (Verseveldt, 1940) with regard to the canal system and the taxonomy. For both in Semperina rubra and Sibogagorgia weberi the canal system differs in some degree from that of the species examined before. For we see that in the medulla in the tips of the branches of Semperina rubra there do occur many small and even a single large solenium, whereas for the family Anthothelidae Broch I rejected the presence of medullary canals in the terminal parts. So while in all the species examined up till now the medullary canals cease somewhere in apical direction, in Semperina rubra we find them even as far as in, the ends of the branches. In my opinion this is not of radical importance, 1° because the larger medullary canals, which in the more basal parts occur in larger num-