Introduction Recently I had the occasion to examine a collection of 230 unidentified specimens of the family Miridae kindly loaned to me for examination by the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie, Leiden, Netherlands. All these were collected in Cyprus. Three specimens belong to the genus Alloeotomus Fieber and represent a new species which is described here. Until now the southernmost limits of the distribution of Alloeotomus were Sicily (Wagner, 1954) in the west and Peking (China) (Reuter, 1903) in the east. The discovery of the new species from Cyprus has extended this limit further to the south. There are now five species in the genus Alloeotomus including the new one. A key to facilitate their identification is given in this paper. Alloeotomus Fieber Alloeotomus Fieber, 1858, Wien. ent. Monatschr., 2: 303. Type-species, Lygaeus gothicus Fallén, 1807 (by monotypy). Alloeotomus doesburgi spec. nov. (figs. 1-3) Coloration. — Head yellow, shining, with a pair of dark stripes along the tylus; eyes reddish; antennae: first segment yellow, second segment yellow with testaceous apex, third and fourth segments brown; pronotal collar mat and brown; pronotum reddish yellow, callus and lateral and posterior margins yellow; scutellum brownish, its posterior end yellowish; hemelytra: clavus reddish, corium reddish, with exocorium and anterior part 1) Permanent address: University of Aegea, Faculty of Agriculture, Izmir, Turkey. yellow, cuneus yellow, with red areas anteriorly and apically, membrane pale, veins red; thoracic sterna brownish, abdominal sterna reddish; rostrum: first